About Us

Who We Are

The Face of Liberty International is an independent public benefit organisation founded in 2020 to promote and foster an open society, the rule of law, personal liberty, economic and press freedom as fundamental components of its advocacy of human rights based on classical liberal principles. It is financed by donations and sponsorships.*

How it all started!

It all started in the spring of 2013 when one of our co-founders (Hereinafter referred to as ‘He’) was invited to attend the African Liberty Conference at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria which He honored and attended. On getting to the event, being a media/tech enthusiast, he noticed some cracks in the manner of projection adopted by the media team. Being an avid volunteer, He offered to assist the media team with the projection and coordinate the team effort.

On the second day of the conference, he became the media head for the conference and stayed in the position for about 7 years learning the pros and cons of running a successful thin-tank in the continent of Africa.

Being the “Media Guy”, He coordinated tons of seminal, workshops and international conferences marketing effort for the period of his volunteering. He also host or co-host numerous local campus events.

With all He as done to make the message of liberty get to the ‘common man’, he realised the best and most suitable name to give to his team of underground media and IT volunteers is ‘The Unseen Faces of Liberty’.

The popular adage goes that, ‘It is quiet impossible for twenty children to play together for twenty year’, during the month of May, 2020, He became an alumnus of the organisation He had been volunteering with since 2013 – Students For Liberty.

Having worked with a number of individual over the period, he carefully connected with one of the ‘Unseen Face of Liberty’ on a possible establishment of a think-tank that will focus squarely on Free Market and its subsidiaries, hence the creation of Face of Liberty International.

*FLI funding
FLI seeks and accepts both institutional and project funding from individuals and organisations with shared general or project-specific objectives. FLI has immutable principles; our constitution prescribes and proscribes in transparent, unambiguous, consistent and enduring terms what we must and may do Since we are principle-based, our services, but not our principles are for sale