Free Market Summit

“When purpose is not knownabuse is inevitable

– Myles Munroe

One of the major reasons why the ideas of Free Market has not been well entrenched in the minds of many Nigerians is because it has not been well taught. What we used to know as free market is what we picked from bias positions of the communist or socialist world which definitely gives a distorted version to what is now known as the free market. For the benefits of the free market to be accepted and its practice appreciated, it is necessary for us at Face of Liberty International, A free market based think-tank to begin to raise awareness for the reorientation of the people’s mind towards this subject matter. Not only that, while participants will gain more knowledge and understand the concept of Free Market better, there is a high tendency for them to admit its proper and ideal operation.

Ibadan Free Market Summit

On Saturday December 5, 2020, over 50 participants gathered at KABOD Study Center located at Bashorun, Ibadan to become acquittance with the ideas of liberty and how it can be used to solve many issues as it relates to our society as it was been planned out under the THEME of the Summit “Unveiling the Market”.

Present at the summit was Mr. Olanrewaju Elufisan of Ominira Initiative discussion why we need to make more research as Africans and fully understand the concept of Free market and how it applies to our day to day activities.

Mr. Bola-Ige Alabi Efeshodiamhe of African Objectivist Movement talks about how the theory of objectivism can and will if given the proper attention open us to a very clear path for freer future.

Prof. Ken Schoolland of Liberty International sealed the discussion with his vast experience in the free market sector. He share numerous examples across the world where free market system when given the chance to prevail leads to greater prosperity. He also mention some proven tactics to achieve a freer market.


Lagos Free Market Summit

November, 2021